Why choose us?

We strive to provide you with the best software that protects you against bans.

We are a professional team of coders and our subsidiary project is procheat.ru. We develop software for cyber-scene gamers and also develop private complex software. Access to programs is provided for a small sum of money.

We do not have mediators, all software can be purchased on our website by any kind of payment. After the purchase, you will receive further instructions to your mailbox. After the purchase, all users will also be provided with a service support.


We use our own schemes to bypass security, our cheats are not embedded into the game process and each user is remain private

Our technologies provide strong protection for each user, as we use our own drivers with the original signature. If the protection is updated by the game developers, for safety reasons the loader may temporarily prevent you from playing the game. The update usually takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Basic information is published in our Vkontakte group and Discord.


The user can be blocked only manually (Game Ban). Merchant passport Webmoney

After payment you will receive further instructions and seller's personal details. In case of conflicts after payment (the paid product was not received or does not correspond to the paid product), you can file a complaint with The WebMoney Commercial Court. Account Lock-outs can only be manual, for this different games have the appropriate services (Overwatch CS:GO), for calling the attention of services and as a result blocking the account, the PROCHEAT team is not liable. For game Bans responsibility lies only with users.

User protection

SSL certificate, anonymous purchases.

We do not harvest users' data, and no one will contact you to ask information about you. All correspondence in our group or email: admin@procheat.store

Program operation

Access to programs for full operation.

Before launching a game our programs replace drivers automatically, in this case you need to switch a real-time protection off and run programs on behalf of the Administrator.


Access denial to private projects

Our cheats are made under Legit settings. We call on our users to be under the radar and not use cheats aggressively, this may lead to the game Ban. Game developers will try to fix the bug in their game after blocking, which may cause a freeze for an indefinite term of maintenance.We do not refund money after product activation. If the program does not work for whatever reason, you have the right to request a refund.