Valorant cheat


  • TYPE: Multihack

  • Windows: Windows 10 - 11

As you know it's hard to find Valorant cheats as it's difficult to make them but thanks to our experience we could do it. Standard features for Valorant include ESP and AIM.
For those who's found a cheat for Valorant for the first time, we want to warn you, that Valorant has declared itself as a new cybersport. They promise to rid the world of cheats. Riot Vanguard is a strong anti-cheat system, so we have to clean users’ browser automatically.and thanks to new technologies andalso to Windows 10 Pro, we can bypass anti-cheat. Our private cheat is External, it means that there is no implementation into a game, but for old PC users it won’t be very comfortable to play, probably WH will be working slowly.
We recommend you to play without AIM, ESP is quite enough. Our testers played for 4 days straight, playing cautiously without detection and were at the top. WH cheats for Valorant include 2D squares and Health. All this is displayed through walls, you can watch the video before purchasing to understand how it works and whether you need it or not. You can purchase Valorant cheats on our website at lower tariffs.
When purchasing our cheats you get an access to discord support service, which helps our users with any issues.

Valorant чит


As we said above, you can chat with us in Vkontakte before purchasing. Below we are showing our recent features updates of our cheat

Software Updates
September Update

Added an RCS that compensates for the recoil of all weapons except pistols and sniper rifles (hence it will work disgusting on them). Fine-tuning RSS individually for yourself. Our cheat for valorant now includes a radar. Attention, do not confuse cheats on valorant with other cheats, the game itself works differently than other games, so the ESP itself does not work through the entire map, and as soon as the player does any action, you can see on your own on the video demonstration of his work, this is what you will receive after payment ironically, it will not such that you will see the enemy first before boxing lights up on him.

WH on Valorant
for legit game

We are tending to follow cautious game. Gathering information about oponents its easy to respond to their actions. We think that there are people who see it in the same light, so that's why we give an opportunity to purchase ESP version which includes 2D squares and Health.

AIM для Valorant
AIM Version

Despite our warning to use cheats on Valorant not so obvious, you still always want to shoot into the head. For this purpose, there is a separate version for everyone.

Menu functions

  • Visuals
  • Aimbot


Purpose of the AIM operation key
Selecting the target capture radius (FOV)
The speed of the target (Smooth)
Triggers only on visible players
Choice of aim work bones (Head, neck, chest)

Tariff AIM + ESP + RCS

300 Rubles

1 - Day

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • BUY

599 Rubles

3 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • BUY

999 Rubles

7 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • BUY

3500 Rubles

7 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • BUY


  • What will I get after purchasing?
  • I didn't receive a letter with registration form.
  • Who accepts payments?
  • The cheat doesn't start.
You receive a letter with a key and an activation launcher. Also you'll be provided with video instruction on how to launch a cheat, service support will help you in any questions.
Request the form again on site, enter your email adress and fill in the form. If you're having problems, contact our support service
You purchase a product fom certificated seller of WebmoneyWMID 477538172383
If you the loader doesn’t start, main problem are due to the absence of visuals libraries 2017 x64 x86. Disable real-time protection in Windows Defender and in other antivirus software.