• TYPE: Multihack - unique functionality

  • VERSION: Steam - only an official platform

  • Windows: 10

There is a pretty tough confrontation in the world of Rust, you don't always know where from you'll get the stone on your head. Nothing like this will happen if you use our private cheat for Rust, which includes ESP. For those who's never heard about this, you can find out more about each feature at the end of the page. The main rendering of opponents in a cube, displaying the player's name and distance. Roughly speaking, you can shoot at the box from a long distance, the point on the head and the health bar of the enemy helps you. We've also worked at loot and added the display of resources in a given range, including animals. You have advantage over your opponents, because you don't lose much time searching for resources and you always know where the enemy is. Private cheat for Rust is limited, it is purchased on a first-come-first-served basis and the functionality will be added based on your preferences. We plan to enable aim and radar. Any problems or suggestions can be discussed in our forum. Protection is provided by our unique module that is connected to each user of our private project.

Debag camera
accurate raids

As we said, we make progress, today we added a debag camera, due to which you know for sure what part of the building you can raid and how to get to the desired loot

Main functions of the cheat

  • Crosshair
  • Head dot
  • Box
  • Name
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Range
  • Animals
  • Resourses
Shows an additional crosshair in the center of the screen.
Adds a dot on the characters’ heads.
Outline a character in a square that is visible through walls and textures, one of the types of VX. You can choose to display only the corners of the square.
Show people's names.
The amount of characters’ health can be displayed as a scale or a plain text.
Shows the distance to the character.
It is possible to select a range from 0 to 1000m for displaying visual functions on your opponent.
In animal menu you can find a variety of functions such as distance to the animal, the range in which the animals will be displayed.You can disable the corpses display of characters and animals. It is also possible to select the range of display functions of this menu.
Each resource can be selected on the map e.g.: the distance to the resource,you can select certain resources to display, the name of the resource and the range of displaying resources with your eye (up to 1000m selection).