Private cheat for Rainbow Six Siege


  • TYPE: Multihack includes unique functionality

  • WINDOWS VERSION: 10 pro х64

Cheat for Rainbow Six Siege includes Legit functionality. We’ve decided to stop on WH. It is performed using an overlay that overlays onto the game. This functionality is well protected with our security system. It has option of colors for ESP display to choose from. Main features are squares, bones,a head outline, and lines to the opponent.
You can also buy anti-recoil cheat for Rainbow Six Siege separately. It’s safe as it’s not implemented into the game process. It also has its own in-game menu. The cheat on rainbow six siege makes it possible to bind the keys to enable anti-recoil on certain weapons

приватный чит для rainbow six siege

About functionallity

“ To start the cheat you'll need a Pen-drive When buying 24 hours, the time goes from the moment of activation. The cheat only works on Windows 10 ”
Activation Procheat
AIM demonstration
Smooth aiming

AIM feature is available for anyone in our cheat, smooth aiming imitates real aiming. Try to set minimum FOV so it’ll help you aim at a target if you start missing.

ESP demonstration
Showing menu

Do not forget that your replays can be monitored. Be natural, don’t use cheats too often and don’t lead aggressive gaming. You have the power to win and not to be afraid. We will show you functionality in the video.

Tariffs ESP + AIM

250 rubles

1 Day

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • Buy

400 Rubles

3 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • buy

900 rubles

7 Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • Buy


  • What will I get after purchasing?
  • I didn't receive a letter with registration form.
  • Who accepts payments?
  • The cheat dosn't start.
You receive a letter with a key and an activation launcher. Also you'll be provided with video instruction on how to launch a cheat, service support will help you in any questions.
Request the form again on site, enter your email adress and fill in the form. If you're having problems, contact our support service
You purchase a product fom certificated seller of WebmoneyWMID 477538172383
If you the loader doesn’t start, main problem are due to the absence of visuals libraries 2017 x64 x86. Disable real-time protection in Windows Defender and in other antivirus software.