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We offer you cheats with the status "Undetect"

We think that you don't have to overpay for features that you don't need. Select functionality that you need and purchase by choosing an apropriate tariff.


  • What will I get after purchasing?
  • Can I get VAC banned?
  • I didn't receive a letter with registration form.
  • Who accepts payments?
  • The cheat doesn't start.
You'll receive a key for loader, insert it into the field and press Activate button.
We provide VAC protection. User can be blocked only manually and we can't provide protection from manual bans. If you lead agressive game, you'll draw attention, then you'll be followed by game developers. Play naturally, use loot and don't shoot at a distance of 1 kilometres from your enemy.
Request the form again on site, enter your email adress and fill in the form. If you're having problems, contact our support service
You purchase a product fom certificated seller of WebmoneyWMID 477538172383, before purchasing you can have a private chat with a seller in вконтакте. or if you have Webmoney write directly. To pay you don’t have to contact seller. After pressing Purchase button, choose a convenient way of paying and receive your product on your email.
If you the loader doesn’t start, main problem are due to the absence of visual libraries 2017 x64 x86. Disable real-time protection in Windows Defender and in other antivirus software.