Cheat for Hyper Scape


  • TYPE: Multihack

  • Windows: Windows 10 pro

Not so long ago there was a release of a new game Hyper Scape. It’s becoming a next battle royale superstar, so we decided to make a cheat for it. We are the first in Russia who could make a cheat for the game. To be honest, it’s hard to play without cheats due to in game hacks eg. fast moving enemies, who are constantly jumping, disappearing and unexpectedly appearing.
The cheat has AIM feature that allows you to shoot straight in head, you can watch a video to see its work. There is no ballistic in the game so it was easier for us to develop cheats. Anyone can use cheat menu settings to increase AIM feature speed and set a key for its work.
Not everyone like accurate shooting, some prefer only ESP features. Private cheat allows you to see through walls in shape of squares and skeletons. It make easier to play and react to an enemy in good time.
Norecoil for Hyper Scape can be used together with AIM, this combo makes you the most aggressive player in lobby. ESP for Hyper Scape shows not only info about enemies but you can also enable loot, which shows you weapons, hacks and bullets. This decreases weapon upgrade time, it’ll be enough just to head to your weapon to raise your level till 5th lvl. As you know supercharged weapons cause great harm than 1 level ones this’ll drive you to the top.

hyperscape чит


Check out the functionality before purchasing, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support service Vkontakte

Features demonstration
in Hyper Scape

There are ESP features enabled in the video , which allows you to see enemies, AIM is 100 smooth. As you can see in the video AIM gives no chances for enemy. You’ll be constant winner with AIM. Demonstration is with ON norecoil, but you should be aware that you don’t have to use AIM feature. You can switch only norecoil and enjoy the game.

showing weapons, hacks and bullets

In the video you can see how this feature works. You can set radius for ESP LOOT, eg. you can set radius for 50 meters for showing the loot and it won’t exceed the value. During the game you can call the menu and switch off loot showing. As we mentioned before you can upgrade your weapon or hack till 5 lvl. very fast and ride to the top.

Menu fratures

  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Memory
  • Settings

Show BOX
Show Health
Show Head Circle
Show Eye Direction
Line length - change size of the eye direction line
Show Snapline - show lines till an enemy
Show Crosshair
Weapons - show weapon on the ground
Supply - show boxes
Hacks - show hacks

Aim Bone
Aim Key
FOV Value
Show FOV
Smooth Speed (the higher the speed the faster AIM works)
Priority- AIM priority (over sight/ distance)

No Recoil

Players Distance
Items Distance
Colors - color selection for ESP characters



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  • What will I get after purchasing?
  • I didn't receive a letter with registration form.
  • Who accepts payments?
  • The cheat doesn't start.
You receive a letter with a key and an activation launcher. Also you'll be provided with video instruction on how to launch a cheat, service support will help you in any questions.
Request the form again on site, enter your email adress and fill in the form. If you're having problems, contact our support service
You purchase a product fom certificated seller of WebmoneyWMID 477538172383
If you the loader doesn’t start, main problem are due to the absence of visuals libraries 2017 x64 x86. Disable real-time protection in Windows Defender and in other antivirus software.