Cheat for GTA 5 Online


  • TYPE: Multihack

  • VERSION: Steam and Social Club (Rockstar)

  • Windows: Windows 10

Are you sick of seeing cheats on GTA 5 online that are similar to each other? In-game menu, same features, useless scripts, bans, and so on? Our cheat on GTA 5 online includes a unique functionality, that consists only of a pure game code, so there aren't any scripts. Below you'll see a video demonstration of the main features that are necessary for a convenient and comfortable game.
Using this GTA 5 online cheat you become a member of our private community. Also we help our users to custom settings. We have also been developing cheats for other games for more than 4 years now. We're trying to make a user-friendly menu and video instructions after purchasing.
Cheat for GTA 5 online is very easy to use. In our cheat it takes 15 seconds to enable necessary features, unlike competitors'. We are demonstrating, describing and showing how our features work. You can easily turn off a function that is not needed at the moment, due to Insert or Ins keys, you can open the cheat menu in the game using your mouse.

pubg lite

Convenient cheat menu in the game

Moving the menu and using functions with the mouse

After paying, you will receive video instructions with an explanation of each function and you can also get acquainted with the functionality below, for this we have separate videos for almost every function. For those who are too lazy to watch videos and want to know what does each function mean, below you will find "Menu functions in text format.


High protection

Long experience of our team in developing has given us confidence that we could ensure protection from Bans.

Free updates

We update the product for free, and we can always add new features at your request.

Immediate delivery

After payment, you will receive the program, the key and video instructions on how to install it. Before paying, you can ask your questions in Vkontakte.

Pay attention

โ€œTo start, you will need a USB flash drive. The game must be in full-screen or window mode before starting the cheat. When purchasing a 24-hour tariff, the time starts from the moment of activationโ€
Activation Procheat
Magic bullets
and Silent AIM

What is the difference between the basic AIM? Silent aim does not require aiming at the enemy. If the target is within FOV radius, it will surely get a bullet into an assigned part of the body, or a missile. Together with our crazy UZI it works perfectly. What are magic bullets in GTA 5? This is the same as silent, but it will shoot through the walls, on the video demonstration you can see an example of how it works.

Where are we
without AIMBOT

One of the most useful features, why do you need to aim if you have such a function? Assign a key, select a body part and go ahead killing. You can choose which goals will trigger the AIMBOT, whether it is a police, civilian, or a player. This function works only in the first person or in sniper sights. Capture of the target begins within the radius of the assigned FOV circle around the sight. It can be turned on to understand when the aimbot will start pointing at the victim.

ESP functions
More info

Besides you, there are still players in the game who can be outlined is squares, you can see the amount of health and their names. Using ESP functions you can see through walls. You can do this with police, civilians and cars. You can change the display color in the settings, for more details, you can watch the video.

Teleport across the map
or following a fallen bullet.

It sounds crazy, but it's better to see than to guess what it is. In the video, we demonstrate how using the teleport function, we move to the place indicated by the marker on the map. This allows you to complete missions faster, travel the distance in 1 second, punish enemies and run wild.๐Ÿ˜Š Second teleport feature is teleporting a character to the spot where the bullet falls. It's better to see in video rather than imagine.

Crazy UZI
and eternal immortality

Why is UZI crazy? Because is shoots faster than anything else in the game. Probably for somebody it was a fantasy to shoot missiles at such an incredible rate. If you don't have such a fantasy, then we have one. Now UZI fires missiles. It leaves no chances to anyone, together with the God mode, you can have fun and remain unpunished by the king of the session.

Gravity up and down

The function is made only for fun, if you want a chaos, turn the down gravity. Cars will fall to the ground, taking damage and exploding. There is something strange going on around, others have not seen this for sure. But the up gravity can clear the way during the trip. All this looks very fun, better watch a video.๐Ÿ˜‰

Customizing cars without a car dealership
and spending money

Just a couple of functions turn off engine damage, turn on sport car settings and set the tuning. Even there is a slider that allows you to unscrew the engine power to the maximum, I think this feature will allow you to win races, but do not forget to practice before, it is not so easy to drive the fastest car in the game, even if it is a tractor with the unscrewed engine. You can paint car anytime by turning on our magic menu, also you can apply it to any cars that you're sitting in. Also you can power down surrounding cars, don't you believe it? Watch the video. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sick of the police?
Or is it boring?

There is another magic slider that allows you to enable any wanted level or always keep it at 0 rate. You can do anything, the police will not touch you, everyone is bent ๐Ÿ˜Š. But if you are bored and you have taste for adventure you can enable feature when cops(infantry) will shoot at you.

Endless bullets
shooting with no recoil and reloading.

Do you remember playing with this code in early versions of the game? We remember this useful function very well. It allows you to increase the shooting productivity, get rid of wasting time during reloading. By the way, into the weapons section, we've attached fast missiles, maximum bullets distance. I think you'd better watch the video.

Menu functions in the text

  • ESP

-Players (Boxes-Names-Health)
-Civilians (Boxes-Health)
-Police (Boxes-Health)
-Transport (only an active-Boxes-Model)

-Aim key
-Transport pass
-Aim marker
-FOV value
-FOV circle
-Priority by (Range-Sight)
-Health/Armor (Recovery key-Less than)
-Infinite endurance
-Wanted level settings
-Cops don't shoot(infantry)
--No drops/departures from transport

-Infinite ammo
-No reload
-No recoil
-No spread
-Quick reload
-Fast missiles
-Maximum bullet distance
-Crazy UZI
-No engine damage
-Always clean car
-No deformations
-Mute surrounding cars

-Sport car settings
-Engine power
-Power multiplier
-Color of transport
====Distance to====

====Colors for====

Purchase tariffs

60 Rubles

1 - Day

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • Buy

200 Rubles

7 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • Buy

500 Rubles

30 - Days

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Autoupdate

  • Buy


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